Forty Days of Lent: Fifteen Minute Project – A Corner


The second in my series of 15-minute declutterings. You can find out more and play along here.

This is the spot in Tau’s room where toys that are not played with go to die get tossed aside. But he had a friend coming to sleep over and so we tackled his bedroom together.


I know the before picture doesn’t look that bad — a plastic bag containing small gifts and stocking stuffers from Christmas (!), his stuffed animals in their pet bed (yes, we had to buy them a real pet bed from the store), and a pirate’s treasure chest, which contains at least five years’ worth of plastic birthday-party and fast-food crappy giveaways.

But consider that this project also involved purging and reorganizing the books and toys on the THREE bottom shelves, and making the floor so that you could walk on it again … at least until Tau’s friend arrived, and then 30 minutes later, it was covered in Beyblades and Lego all over again.

It was clear for those few moments — I have the picture to prove it!


3 responses to “Forty Days of Lent: Fifteen Minute Project – A Corner

  1. Oh man… I love a nicely organized shelf of kids’ books, but it lasts about 5 minutes once Josiah starts pawing through it.

  2. 15 min of here and there is certainly more manageable than hours of organizing and cleaning. good job! just having a space to walk is important. keep it up!

  3. I love that he had to have a pet bed for his stuffed animals. Brilliant!

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