One Community: May!


One Community is a monthly photoblogging project where participants take pictures of their homes and communities with a theme in mind. The goal is to showcase similarities and differences in our communities worldwide.

I got to pick the words for this month’s One Community challenge and then had a challenge finding pictures for them! Five, Mother, Recipe and Remember

Five, or as we say here in California, cinco … de Mayo! Mayo also being the fifth month of the year. See what I did there?

Tau came home with this fabulous Cinco de Mayo chicken painting. Understand that art is not Tau’s thing, so I consider any art from him fabulous. For bonus points, he wrote the title of the picture and his name at the bottom of the painting in cursive, his other least favorite thing to do. Mother’s Day came a little early for me!



Mother: One Community peeps, many of you are new here, so allow me to introduce my mom Di. She passed away two years ago and this picture makes me smile. It’s just so her! So her, in fact, that we used it on the pew leaflet at her funeral service.

Four years ago, Mom and I took a three-day Mexican cruise out of San Diego. And at the port of Ensenada, we took a Mexican cooking class, with fancy margaritas and a charming, engaging local chef, and ingredients that my African mother had never seen or used, which she absolutely loved. The dish we started with was guacamole, which in my opinion should be considered a main food group.


I can’t believe she’s gone, I miss her every day, and I love that we made guacamole together!


Recipe and Remember: I think I’ve spoken before about feeling closer to my mom and gran when I bake and cook. The recipe that reminds me most of the two of them is the scone recipe that they both used.


It’s pretty foolproof but the lighter your hand and the less you mess with the dough, the fluffier they turn out. The scone recipe is pretty versatile too — I’ve added raisins as shown below to get the kids to eat them, or grated cheddar when I wanted something savory.

Ready for the oven:


The picture below is of the recipe, hand written by me into my recipe book as a teenager. The blue additions are my mom’s writing, and as you can see, this page has seen a lot of use.


The ingredient list and method are very Mom and Gran—how much milk do you need? Meh, just enough to klits with the egg and add until the dough is right. Paint tops with left over egg? My Gran would dip three fingers in what was left in the jug and just pat-swirl the top of each scone. Perfect every time.


‘Til next month peeps!

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The Rules: Post one or more photos interpreting the words for the month, and add your blog post to the link-up. Please include a link back to the link-up post on your One Community post, and take a look at some of the other links and comment on them. This link-up is all about building community!


7 responses to “One Community: May!

  1. Precious – It’s nice getting to know a bit about your mum – looking forward to trying her recipe :) Thanks for picking such great words for the month.

  2. That is the cutest chicken drawing. It’s wonderful when our kids surprise us with something they don’t particularly like to do. What a lovely photo of your joyful mom! And that recipe looks amazing, as do the memories behind it.

  3. I love this, Sue. All of it. That photo of your mama with her guac ingredients is precious!

  4. Love your photos, Sue. Such a great one of your Mum, the chicken made me smile and these scones look scrumptious! xx

  5. I love those old recipes! So much was assumed that the cook just *knew* — like “cook in a hot oven”! That photo of your mom is awesome. I love it when you get a picture that just captures a person perfectly.

  6. Can’t wait to try the recipe. Food is love from generation to generation. ;)

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