Surf Is Totally Up!


On our recent trip up to Ojai, just north west of LA, Tau was keen to try surfing, mostly because the two older kids that we were vacationing with were very eager to take lessons.

Dave doesn’t surf and my sense of balance is dodgy at best, so we didn’t have great expectations. Instead, I was just impressed that Tau was prepared to try something so out of his comfort zone.

And whaddya know, but that boy totally surfed like a little grommet. Not quite a pro, but he certainly got up on that board and rode the waves!





He never fails to impress me. Also, have you ever seen a kid look so cute in a wetsuit?


2 responses to “Surf Is Totally Up!

  1. He is my hero! I spent summer after summer trying to get up on a board and couldn’t ever master it. Awesome work Tau!

  2. Check that kid out! He looks like a natural! You’re definitely going to have to take him to the motherland to put some time on the waves there!

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