Our new mega tent

Saturday night we took the kids, plus two of Tau’s friends, to our local family “campout.” And I use “quotes” because it involved Dave and Tau pitching our new tent in the afternoon at Lake Poway, then going out for dinner at a local sushi restaurant, driving five minutes to the lake and sleeping the night in the tent, then packing up our gear in the morning and driving five minutes home.

Our city hosts this event a four or five times throughout the summer, and it’s a lot of fun. They offer evening hikes; camp songs and scary stories around the fire; glow necklaces for all the kids; graham crackers, marshmallows and chocolate for s’mores; and coffee and danishes in the morning. And it gets us out camping without schlepping out to the mountains. No propane stoves or pit potties or long drives in the car.

Instacamping? Here are some Instagram shots:

Moo and Dad

Rocking this camping thing with my dad

Catching up

Keeping up with the big boys


Roasting marshmallows for s’mores

In the tent

Guess who thought sleeping in the tent was the best thing ever? 


One response to “Instacamping

  1. Did he actually sleep? My husband keeps wanting to take our 3 1/2 yr old son camping, but it just seems like the worst. idea. ever. to me. Of course, I’ve never been much of a camper, and being 37 weeks pregnant doesn’t make me more enthusiastic for it.

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