I am starting to feel like I can blog again. This past weekend, I tidied paperwork, got some exercise, went to the pool with Dave and the kids, and finished an entire sewing project. I didn’t feel the need to lie down on the closest surface and fall asleep.

Dave and I are beginning to feel optimistic. Maceo has been a horrible sleeper from the beginning, and he’s battled even more as his teeth have come in. So it feels like we haven’t slept in years. Well, we haven’t. But slowly, slowly, he is starting to sleep better. When he isn’t teething, I’d say he sleeps well. When he is teething, he whimpers and cries out, grinds his teeth audibly, and is generally only happy if he can fall back asleep with his head on top of yours.

There are only four baby molars left to go and they should come in soon. The light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter and, this weekend, I felt a shift. As if I had the energy to get things done. That I could take moments in between tag-parenting two boys to start to tackle big things. Maceo is finally no longer a baby, and we have room to breathe. I think. Inhale. Ah! Exhale.


2 responses to “Surfacing

  1. Ugh… teething. Something I haven’t thought about in a while, but it will be time for that again soon enough! I’m glad you’re getting some rest, it makes such a big difference in my quality of life!

    • Thanks for the comment! SO ready to be done with the teething! With our older one we never knew he was teething … the little one is another story all together!

      You are a friend of Kelli’s, yes?



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