Blink, and a Year Goes By!


It’s been two months since I last touched the blog. School let out for the summer, Maceo turned one, and we visited Canada.

I’m spending this summer at home, organizing closets and drawers, having fun around town with the kids and, as it turns out, also taking care of sick kids! The two are not mutually exclusive.

This year has been a hard one with my mom passing away. It felt like her passing whipped the rug out under me; it was just so unexpected. And I find it’s taking time to get back to the things I usually do for pleasure. I hope to pick up the pace here, posting more often again!

In the mean time, here are lovely pics from Maceo’s birthday party — enjoy!


One response to “Blink, and a Year Goes By!

  1. Love the pictures from Maceo’s b-day party. Honestly, he is one of the cutest kids I have ever seen. His pictures make me smile. Hope you are well, friend.

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