Fabric-by-Fabric Sew Along: Chic Carryall


The end of the school year, and Tau has had a phenomenal teacher, who has worked so unbelievably hard with us to keep Tau on track and learning well this year. Whip-smart as he is, that boy’s brain is too fast and detour-prone for his own good.

They should change the time-worn phrase from the “patience of Job” to the “patience of Mrs. Crow.”

For this month’s Fabric-by-Fabric One Yard Wonders sew  along, I chose the Chic Carryall as a thank-you gift for Mrs. Crow. And considering how hard she has worked with Tau on writing, I thought it would be special to personalize the bag with Tau’s handwriting.

No, he did not hand stitch it. But I did get him to write his teacher’s name on the fabric using one of those wash-off temporary sewing markers, and then stitched over his lettering. I also had him add a personal message on the pocket inside the bag: Love Tau xxx.

Filled with some summer magazines, I think she’ll love it, and I hope she’ll use it. Ladies and gents, the Chic Carryall!

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One response to “Fabric-by-Fabric Sew Along: Chic Carryall

  1. Best gift ever? Me thinks.

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