Fabric-by-Fabric: Shaggy-Chic Chenille Clutch

Shaggy Chic Chenille Clutch (Photo by Africankelli)

This month’s Fabric-by-Fabric One Yard Wonders sew along is the Shaggy-Chic Chenille Clutch.

My goal for the sew along is to use up as much of my fabric stash as possible! So I was happy to try this project when I found some old pillow-case scraps, as well as a some orange and white flannel.

I must admit that I had reservations about the project itself — I’m just not a shaggy-chic kinda girl. I was interested, though, to see how the chenille-ing technique worked.

The short of it? I’m not thrilled with the clutch because it’s just not my kind of bag. But I am thrilled with having learned how to make chenille! The method is so easy and forgiving, and would be great for making bathmats, pot holders, trivets, puppy beds or picnic blankets.

I’m also interested to see the clutches added to the Fabric-by-Fabric Flickr pool. So far, mine’s the only one that’s super-poofy! Per instructions, I used 9 layers of fabric, and washed and tumble-dried my quilted square before making up the clutch. What did everyone else do? Why is mine the only one with a ‘fro?!

Here is the visual step-by-step!

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2 responses to “Fabric-by-Fabric: Shaggy-Chic Chenille Clutch

  1. Okay. Look how gorgeous that is! And I love the way you have the photos rotating! GREAT!

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