Second Time Around

I only have time these days to fling the odd picture or two up on this blog. Not much chance to write it all down.

But this week, I dressed Maceo in a sweater that a friend originally knitted for Tau. Tau wore it a few times, only on nice occasions because it is so beautifully made, and then I packed it away with all the other baby stuff.

And here’s the thing when you don’t know whether you’ll ever have a second child. You look at all those totes and cardboard boxes in the garage, and wonder whether you’ll get to open them up again.

Using the family heirloom cradle, learning how much rice cereal to add to the sweet potatoes, carefully picking off cradle cap while the baby’s drinking. One of the very sweetest things about adopting Maceo  is Eek! I really do get to do this again!

Call it fate or blessing or the odds or karma — I woke up that day and dressed a little boy in that beautiful cardigan. I could just have easily had no second child to dress. I am so grateful I do.

Tau at 12 months – sweater getting small

Maceo at 4 months – sweater too big
but we’re gonna wear it every chance we get this time!



One response to “Second Time Around

  1. omg. i just felt organs move reading this. I love them so much! That photo of baby Tau! OMG!

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