Blink and a Month Goes By!


Oh poor neglected blog! What have we been up to this past month?

Getting Tau settled in his new school and establishing a homework routine. Drowning in paperwork for Tau’s school, Maceo’s daycare, and the reams and reams of final adoption paperwork. And trying, conniving, conspiring to get our now-three-month-old little man to sleep longer than three hours at a stretch.

We’ve switched formulas, switched back again, added rice cereal, woken Maceo at various hours to add another feeding so that hopefully he’d sleep longer after that. We’ve also swaddled, we’ve wrapped, we’ve shushed and soothed back to sleep — all to no avail. The boy drinks 5 oz (no more), the boy conks out immediately, the boy wakes up three hours later hungry!

Here’s the exception: If we take him to a party or introduce him to something totally new, voila! He sleeps five to six hours straight that night. Yesterday Maceo started daycare (in prep for my return to work next week) and promptly slept six hours straight from 8 p.m. Now we just have to learn to go to bed at the same time he does, and all will be good!

Jokes aside, I sense his little body and brain are maturing and that, with a bit more time, Maceo will slowly extend his night sleep. Hoping. Praying. Knocking on wood.

And maturing he is. Behold His Supreme Cuteness at three months! Can you handle those folds in his thighs?!


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