Welcome Maceo Hayden Walsh!

Well, it’s taken nearly two months but I’m finally finding a moment to introduce our beautiful baby boy, Maceo Hayden Walsh, born June 27th and adopted into our family with huge love! If feels like he has always been with us!

Maceo is now seven weeks and we are starting to find our feet parenting two kids and a newborn all over again! He has a sweet nature and a very gentle disposition, and is doing of the things you would expect at this age:

  • Exploring the somewhat fuzzy world around him and taking delight in anything that stands out or crosses his visual field. For this reason, dark picture frames and ceiling fans are a great thrill!
  • He has been smiling for a few weeks now, and gives us his best grins right after a long sleep or when Dave and I come in nice and close and talk right to him. Maceo also loves the sound of Tau’s voice. When his brother first comes into the room there is a slight delayed reaction, followed by sunbeams and angel choirs all around!
  • Sleep. Ahem, yes. Maceo loves his sleep but we wish he loved it more, especially at night. The pattern, at this stage, is a long sleep (3-4 hours) from around 8 p.m. on, then he feeds about every 2 1/2 to 3 hours after that. Sigh. Tau slept through the night at around 11 weeks and it would be very much appreciated if Mr. Maceo did the same. Hear that, little man?
  • Maceo loves his bath time, everything about his bedroom, his thighs and feet being massaged, and his head and hair being stroked. Not a big fan of his pacifier but because he has such a calm nature, we’re OK with that. The only time he really cries or screams is when we don’t get a bottle to him fast enough. Touching wood as I type.

I will write more about his birth, the adoption and other topic as the weeks unfold and we get more sleep. For now we just wanted to welcome our little boy, officially, here on nobaddays!


4 responses to “Welcome Maceo Hayden Walsh!

  1. SUPER DUPER congrats!!!! :) :) :)

  2. He is so sweet Sue! Congratulations to you all and enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!!

  3. At last my new grandson is on Facebook.
    Welcome my new little angel…. and well done, Tau, on being such a wonderful Big Brother. Much love and God bless, Gran XX XX XX XX :-)

  4. He is so cute! Thanks, for sharing all the great pictures!

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