Spring Has Sprung … In Our Bathroom!

Remember my resolution to focus on each room in the house this year and see where things need freshening up?

When we moved in some seven or eight years ago now, the bathroom that Dave and I share had the most hideous black, grey and gold wallpaper border a couple inches from the ceiling. We were only too glad to rip it down and give the whole bathroom a fresh coat of white.

We’ve lived with the white, grey (floor tiles and granite counter top) and utilitarian glass sliding shower door all these years. It looks fresh and sparkly when clean and very uninspiring when not.

A month or so ago, I had an hour to kill at Cost Plus and $50 birthday money burning a hole in my pocket. Dangerous, I know. I spotted this lovely shower curtain on sale, a matching blood red bath mat, this Indian-inspired frame and, lo, a new bathroom color scheme was born!

Add to that a few details: a sweet little ceramic elephant to hold incense, a photo of Dave and I on our 20th anniversary in the bold red frame, a pretty green-glass candle, some tongue-in-cheek British bathroom humor and—ta-daa!— a pretty, spring-has-sprung bathroom!

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6 responses to “Spring Has Sprung … In Our Bathroom!

  1. I love it!!! You inspire me, as always.

  2. Stunning! What a difference …well done Sue!

  3. LOVE the Keep Calm and Floss… that’s a new one! It’s fun how a little bit of color can go such a long way!

  4. I am inspired by this slide show applet-thingamagic !!!!

    The person who selected the wall – tiles in our bathroom should be … well … have his / her eyes fixed … there is NO way to work around them …

    Your’s now looks pretty!

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