Resolutions Old and New


So it’s March. Lets talk about new year’s resolutions! At the beginning of  2010, instead of resolving to lose 15 pounds, be a nicer person and work for world peace, I settled on a single word: APPRECIATE and also five simple, practical to-do’s for the year.

1/  Organize the kitchen and laundry closets better, throwing out unused gadgets and optimizing space.

Well I’m one for two on this one. The laundry closet did get a total makeover but the kitchen cupboards I haven’t touched. In a whole year, you’d think I’d find time to clean out my kitchen cupboards. This will be #1 on my 2011 list for sure.

2/  Craft strategically, making useful, beautiful things as gifts.

I crafted like a crazy woman last year and had a fun time doing it. You only have to look at my crafting set on Flickr to see the insanity. This year, I will slow down a bit on that, and focus my sewing, knitting and crafting on projects that need doing around our home and for my immediate family. Be warned, no handmade gifts this year — you’re all getting gift certificates and store bought birthday cards!

3/  Take a two-day silent meditation getaway. Alone. Somewhere where I don’t have to talk and I have time to read, sleep and do yoga.

Yes, I did. And it was wonderful!

4/  Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! Wear jewelery and scarves more, and dress with a bit more attitude.

Last year I enjoyed dressing up a bit more. I added scarves and rings and bracelets, and had fun mixing and matching. To be continued this year for sure. Today, I’m wearing brown slacks and shoes, paired with a turquoise wrap top, animal print scarf (I am cougar, hear me roar!) and a funky gemstone pendant.

5/  Have lunch once a month alone with Dave. Preferably at the beach.

I think we did have lunch together more often than we have in past years. And it’s good to take time out of our work days and chat together over lunch sans kid. The one time we met at the beach, though, I drove around for 10 minutes trying to find parking, then walked a half mile to where Dave was parked at the beach, and then we froze our buns off in the wind that was whipping up the beach.

I also focused this past year on APPRECIATING all that I have. My health and happiness, Dave and Tau, our home, which, though small, is happy and filled with support and laughter and great comfort. It was a wonderful year!

For 2011, my focus is on seeing things with fresh eyes and responding accordingly. On being cognisant and agile.

Is Tau trying to tell me something and I’m just not listening? Stop, look and see what’s really going on, and then act accordingly.

Clutter in the kitchen driving me nuts? See that we need to take stock, chuck out stuff we’re not using, and reorganize the cupboards. You get the idea. It’s all about clarity.

On the home front, that means I plan on focusing room by room, figuring what’s working and what’s not. Tidying out, redecorating where necessary, cleaning up and out. Here’s to a calmer, clearer 2011.


2 responses to “Resolutions Old and New

  1. You go , Girl!

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