Happiest Birthday to Me!


I had a lovely birthday yesterday. A sweet card and gift from my boys, an insane number of good wishes from friends on Facebook, phone calls and cards from friends and family.

And a visit to the eye doctor, where I learned that, while not necessary because my vision is near perfect, a pair of reading glasses would probably help ease eyestrain at the computer. Optometrist: “When they were handing out eyesight, you were clearly at the front of the line!”

Since I had the day off, I spent lunchtime doing some leisurely shopping, picking out pieces for a super-secret stealth home decor project. Ssh! Don’t tell Dave!

And then spent the afternoon at one of my favorite local spas for a soak and massage, with warmed blankets, flickering candles and gentle sounds. In the evening, we feasted on bone-warming soup, fresh bread and pasta because — brrrrr! — it’s been cold!

The wine for the evening? I picked out this classy bottle in the beverage aisle at Target (say no more) because how can you NOT buy a bottle of wine called Purple Cowboy on your birthday?



2 responses to “Happiest Birthday to Me!

  1. Happy Happy happy happy happy hapy and even more happy birthday …

    10.000 lol points for finding a wine called purple cowboy … the universe is talking to you :)

  2. Someone gave me a bottle of Purple Cowboy and I have to say I liked it. Hope your Germany preparations are going fabulously well. BTW – I love your new bathroom!

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