Shifting to Manual

One of my intentions for the year 2010 was to take a couple days to myself and go away somewhere quiet. Where I could think, sleep, read and rest.

Well into November, Dave reminded me that I still hadn’t done so. It wasn’t for lack of trying — I just hadn’t found the right spot. I finally decided on a nearby resort, somewhere secure enough that I could just relax and be.

The agenda included sleeping in, spending time in contemplation, doing some personal planning for the new year, lounging at the pool and reading, eating at least one luscious meal alone (yes, by myself, with no little hands knocking glasses off the table!), using the gym to offset said luscious meal, and getting to know my camera again!

I had a great couple days away. The time to rest and think and feel on my own has carried me lovingly into this year. I feel it under me, like a soft cloud, a gentle support.

And yes, I took my camera off Auto. I set it on Manual everything and I played around for a few hours with aperture and shutter speed and light. Unfortunately, it was a little too late in the morning — I was obliged to sleep in, remember? — so the light in many of the pictures is much harsher than I’d like. But here are a few I thought you’d enjoy!



2 responses to “Shifting to Manual

  1. Kudos to you on your Suecation! I have always wanted to stay at this place – – so lovely!

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