Ayaan, Meaning “Gift of God”

One of my office mates and his wife had their first baby, a boy, yesterday.

I knitted a cute newborn hat using a pattern I found on my new knitting-crush website Ravelry. The yarn, Loop & Threads Charisma Sunny Day, was such fun to work with and came out much softer than I expected. I used a #8 needle instead of a #7, so it’s bigger than newborn size but he’ll grow into it.

Also added a tie onesie to the gift. It was the first one I’d made and it’s so easy! I used lightweight brown felt and simply cut out the necktie shape, hand-tacked it in place, top-stitched around on the machine, and then removed the hand tacking. Will definitely be making these for baby boys again.

Welcome baby Ayaan!




3 responses to “Ayaan, Meaning “Gift of God”

  1. That’s adorable … what a great gift. I have to go check out some of your other knitting.

    Thanks for the comment on my masked hat – the pattern is linked up in my post but here’s a direct link for you:

  2. Oops – that was me, logged in under my husband’s account. :)

  3. Thanks for the link. Adding to my knitting list ;-)

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