Reason 384: Why I Love the Internet: Christmas Treats From Kelli

Wool from Africankelli
We have all been sick with colds and flu. And while Tau is over it and full of the joys of … well … winter, again, Dave and I are still laboring under it.

I worked from home today because it really isn’t fair to my cubemates to be coughing and sneezing all over them. Rain is forecast for the whole weekend, so the sky was grey and I was just sitting down with a mug of Theraflu, when the doorbell rang.

And behold! The sweets of the Internet delivered into my arms. An unexpected box of treats for us from Kelli in Arizona!

  • Homemade pumpkin-seed granola that Dave and I will savor
  • A mystery package addressed to Tau that I’ve popped under the tree
  • A CD of Kelli’s fave Christmas music, which we will enjoy over dinner tonight!
  • And finally — for me! — a skein of the loveliest Malabrigo pure Merino yarn, and a perfect knitting pattern for a cowl.

The luxury! It is the most beautiful wool I’ve ever seen and touched, and I am so looking forward to slipping it onto a pair of needles!

I was so touched that Kelli had thought of us and gone to the trouble of preparing and shipping us treats! She is spending the early part of 2011 on a breathtaking farm in Malawi, and no one deserves the rest and sanctuary more!

She knows I am a bit jealous that she will step into the new year in Africa but the Malabrigo makes it all good Kell! I made her promise to give Africa a kiss on each cheek as she steps off the plane!


2 responses to “Reason 384: Why I Love the Internet: Christmas Treats From Kelli

  1. Yay! So glad it arrived. Spending time with you and Tau was a highlight of my year. Here is wishing much blessing on both of our families in 2011~

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