Age Two, Redux

I don’t know if you remember but just around the time Tau turned two, he took a flying leap off an armchair and cracked his head open on our media center.

A couple weeks later, he leapt out of his crib and fractured his wrist, ending up in a cast.

Goes without saying that Dave and I are feeling a strong sense of déjà vu these days because this is how he came home from school last night.

We’ve asked this way and that but he has no idea how he did it. Seriously?

None of the afternoon care staff saw him fall and he didn’t come to them crying. His teacher reckons he likely skidded head first on the spongy rubber mat on the play area. It’s rough enough to cause an abrasion but spongy enough that kids might not feel the fall much and just pop up and keep on running … especially if they’re chasing a buddy. Which makes me wonder what he was up to — arm in sling and all — that he didn’t even notice!


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