The Cast That is Not a Cast

Quick update on Tau’s elbow. I took him back for more x-rays and to see an orthopedic specialist last week.

We’d seen Dr. C before, three years ago, when Tau fractured his wrist. He is a great doctor, who really takes his time and has a very gentle, fun manner with little kids . Even though the swelling had gone down a bit on the elbow, Dr. C could still not see any damage. It’s clear that Tau sprained the joint; we’re just not sure if it’s fractured at all.

Elbows are funny things, Dr. C told us. At Tau’s age, they are mostly cartilage and so it’s very hard to see fine damage in the joint. But Tau can still not fully extend or flex the arm.

What to do? Dr. C and his technician made a fiberglass cast for Tau’s arm. The tech then sawed the top half (lengthwise) of the cast off, leaving Tau with a very strong, custom-made (and removable – YAY!) splint.

Tau has to wear it whenever he is out of the house — in most part to stop other kids (and Tau) from further damaging the elbow. At home and when he baths and swims, he can remove it because we need to work the arm just enough to increase the range of motion in the elbow without intensifying the damage. A very fine line to walk with a five-year-old!

Dave takes him back to Dr. C on Monday for another check up and to see whether things have improved.Coolest thing ever about the new splint? Is that the fiberglass is luminous — it glows in the dark!


2 responses to “The Cast That is Not a Cast

  1. Wow.. glow in the dark … why did they not have that when I was a kid? This is so cool …

    I hope the elbow will get better soon!

  2. I hope he is better soon.
    This site of yours is great, I will check it out again soon.

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