Immobilizing It

“Tau, listen to me very carefully. You cannot climb on the play structure today at all. You also can’t go down the slide. Or run around like crazy or ride any of the bikes. Do you HEAR me?!”

He nods solemnly. I am kneeling beside him on the alphabet rug, as we do “hugs and kisses,” our parting ritual every morning at school.

I’ll leave out the part about the fall off aforesaid playground structure onto his left elbow late last week at school, and the three hours we spent in urgent care, and the second visit where they fitted a splint and a sling to immobilize it all because we won’t be able to take a second set of x-rays until later this week to determine whether it is sprained, chipped or fractured. For the rest of the week, he is one-armed.

“But I can still do the monkey bars?”

No. You cannot do the monkey bars.


3 responses to “Immobilizing It

  1. Can’t blame him for trying, can you? Too cute!

  2. Give Tau a big hug from me

  3. Oh poor little fella….lotsa love…

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