Lego Party: The Ultimate Block Building Party

What got the whole Lego party rolling was that I asked Tau a few months ago what kind of birthday party he’d like to have.

He answered that he’d like to have some friends over to the house to play with his Lego, except that we’d have to buy some new Lego because he didn’t want them playing with his sets and mixing them all up.

Our place is way too small to host a birthday party at home and there was no way we were investing in a special party stash of Lego, but kudos to Tau for trying! And we were already sort of considering a sports-themed party. Then I saw an ad in a local parenting mag for The Ultimate Block Building Party.

In a nutshell, Loree of The Ultimate Block Building Party arrives at your venue of choice with tubs and tubs and tubs of Lego. Tubs of them! She also brings a 12-foot sloped racing track and a Lego ghettoblaster to pump out fun music. She can also supply a Lego piñata (but as you know, I had that covered) and a special Lego-block throne for the birthday kid, which we nixed since we all know how much Tau loves new tactile experiences! Not.

It goes without saying that the kids LOVED building their vehicles and racing them down the track. We had some pretty ingenious designs and I’m kicking myself for not getting pictures of them! What was I thinking?

Tau’s racing car featured a treasure chest (with crystals in it — very important!) and a monster cannon-shooter-thingy on the back. It wasn’t particularly well balanced and didn’t win any of the races, but it was high on the coolness scale in his mind and so nothing else mattered.

I would highly recommend The Ultimate Block Building Party — Loree is great to work with and really has a good selection of building materials. I ended up giving her the Lego photo cutout thingy because I know she will use it again for other parties.

Here are a few photos from our Lego table and track. First up? Some serious building:

And an equally serious race in progress:

And as you can see, the adults enjoyed playing with Lego almost more than the kids!


2 responses to “Lego Party: The Ultimate Block Building Party

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  2. O.M.G!!! I love this! I never even knew there was a company that did this!! thank you so much, you totally made my day! I am planning my lil guys 4th bday, he will LOVE this!

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