Lego Party: Lego Head Decor

Tired of hearing about the Lego party yet? Just a few more posts, I promise.

The easy-to-replicate Lego heads made party decor very much easier to do. We held Tau’s party under a set of trees in the park, and so I made three sets of Lego bunting to string between the trees. They took some getting up there but they looked great!

And they were easy-peasy to make: A pad of construction paper, paper cutter and scissors, Sharpie, stapler and a roll of twine. You get the picture.

We used Lego heads everywhere — on the coolers, the juice bowls, the garbage and recycling bags.

And finally, on the goodie bags, which were so easy to make. I took $1 store black Halloween bags, added a Lego head, a sheet of colorful tissue, and then customized each bag with the child’s name written in Lego font.

To each goodie bag, we added a small Lego kit: Creator minis for the boys; and the basic House Building Set for the girls.

Sidebar: Lego has a long way to go to capture the market for girls. I’m not talking about expanding their tiny range of pink Legos (ugh!) — but how about sets in regular colors that are not all about aggressive car racing, action figures with nasty looking weapons or mutant undersea monsters?

But I digress. Our goodie bags were featured this week on the blog Lifestyles of the Brick. Check out the dazzling array of Lego-related goodness there!


5 responses to “Lego Party: Lego Head Decor

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  2. HELP! :) my sons party is in a few days and i can not figure out how to make the goody bag tags. I downloaded the font but how did you get the red background with the yellow and black in the on the letters? Do you have a template? Thanks! :)

    • Hi Cheryl.

      It’s pretty tricky – requires creating each name in the Lego font, merging it down into the background layer in Photoshop, selecting the outline of the name/object, and pasting it into a new document with the red background, and then adding the yellow as a “stroke.”

      If you are not a Photoshop wizard, I suggest asking a friend who is to help out … sorry – can’t help much more – this month is crazy for me. When the holidays are over, I really should work on a tutorial and post it … I had to figure it out myself … and I’m no PS wiz!

      Would love to see your party photos/details!

      All the best, Sue   

  3. Hi Sue: Found your blog today looking for a Lego font. Your party decor and bags were really cute! I smiled as I read your comments about Lego’s need for girly things. My daughter’s party tomorrow will be a Lego Friends’ party–have you seen it yet?! It was amazing timing for them to come out with this so our party could be a bit more girly. Thanks for paving the way!

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