Lego Party: Lego Marshmallow Pops


One of my main inspirations for Tau’s Lego party was the party Amy Locurto threw for her son.
I “borrowed” her cupcake topper design (thanks to Andrea, who created a set for me in red and blue), I liked her idea of having the party outdoors and adding a Lego pinata, and I absolutely LOVED her Lego cake pops.
Although I didn’t fancy the idea of mucking with a bowl of smooshed up cake and frosting to form the Lego heads. So I went the marshmallow route, using large ones for the head and mini-marshmallows cut in half for the bump on the top.
All went well until dipping time. I’d bought yellow candy melts from Michaels, which I assumed would do the job, and imagined heat the melts up in my double boiler and simply dipping the marshmallow heads quickly into the liquid and then letting them cool.
Turns out, candy melts don’t melt into a liquid — the mix was more like a thick paste. I managed to thin the mixture out with a few drops of vegetable oil, just enough to smudge each head around in the thick paste and then smooth it out carefully with my trusty frosting spatula.
“Dipping” 40 Lego heads took a long time, I tell ya! And If I made these again, I’d be tempted to try white chocolate colored yellow to see if I could quick-dip them.
Second challenge was adding the faces. Amy suggests using food writing pens, and I was delighted to find a black one at Michaels. But it didn’t seem to take well on the cooled candy-melt surface. So I resorted to piping on the faces with black frosting, which was quick and the faces ended up looking great.
We gave these out as party favors and the kids LOVED them! Definitely a fun addition to any Lego party!



5 responses to “Lego Party: Lego Marshmallow Pops

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  3. Love these!

    I use candy melts from Michael’s all the time. It should melt smoothly. It sounds like maybe you had the heat too high? The chocholate does what you described when I heat it too high too fast.

    Quick question. How did you get the small marshmellow on top to stay put during the dipping process? They look great!

  4. Thanks for your comment. I poked the lollipop stick all the way through the big marshmallow and almost all the way through the small one, which held it on during dipping.

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