Lego Party: Making a Lego Piñata Out of a Box


Here are basic steps for building your own Lego piñata out of a cardboard box. In my case, I didn’t have a box the right size but I did have a large sheet of medium-weight corrugated card. So I made a box and taped it up lightly.

The key when making a pinata out of a box is to make the sides and top strong enough that the body doesn’t collapse, but the underside just fragile enough that it breaks after a couple rounds of hits.

  1. Cut two holes on what will be the top of the pinata. Your rope will go through here. Reinforce them with an extra layer of cardboard or heavy plastic so that the piñata top doesn’t give way before the bottom!
  2. Cut a trap door on the bottom and tape it loosely shut again.
  3. Paper the whole piñata with colored tissue paper and a light coat of Modge Podge so that it looks more or less the way you want your finished pinata to look. Be sure to paper the trapdoor shut with only one or two layers of paper.
  4. Make the lego “bumps” out of construction paper or cut-off paper/plastic cups and tape them onto the bottom (trap-door) side of the piñata. Cut or tear 1 inch strips of tissue paper and Modge Podge them over the bumps so that the bumps have the same tissue paper finish as the rest of the piñata.
  5. Cut tissue paper fringing and apply that layer by layer around the sides of the pinata.
  6. Apply any other decorations you want to add to your piñata.
  7. Fill with loose candy, rope the pinata up in a tree and have a whole lot of fun!

At our Lego party, we had about 12 kids hitting the piñata, and it finally broke open about half way through the second round. The kids exploded with cheers and rushed in to gather candy. Well worth the effort to make it!


5 responses to “Lego Party: Making a Lego Piñata Out of a Box

  1. I am lost in admiration!!!!

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  4. Thanks so much posting this! I followed your instructions. Mine is nowhere nearly as neat as yours, but my son is thrilled. That’s all that matters, right?

  5. Great idea, thanks! I’m going to make one this weekend.

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