Lego Party: Your Face Here!

What do you call those photo-booth thingies that are not really booths? The ones where you stick your head through a hole so that someone can take a picture?

I went looking on the Internet and couldn’t figure it out. The best I found was a couple blog posts that called it a photo cutout. And that the French invented a similarly descriptive term calling it a passe-tête. On Flickr, there is a group called Your Face Here, which I thought was cute.

So, with the build-and-race-your-own-Lego-car theme for Tau’s party, I wanted to do a photo cutout thingy. And let me describe a little scenario that will certainly hint at my crafty obsessiveness.

Tau and I are pulling out of the driveway one morning when I see that the neighbors across the road have set out an ENORMOUS flat box for recycling. I’m talking 4×5 ft. box.

Halfway up the road, I spin the car around, park in the driveway and dash across the road. Aforesaid 4×5 ft. flat box is made out of double-thick boxboard and weighs at least two tons but I manage to drag it (wearing heels) across the road, through the garage and onto our patio, spilling broken bits of styrene out of the open ends, and all the while considering that there are likely laws in place in San Diego that prohibit one from raiding the neighbor’s garbage.

Anyhoo! A few slashes of the box cutter and a couple of layers of white primer and I had myself the perfect canvas for our Lego party Your Face Here!


The sketching went quickly, the painting not so much. I won’t tell you how many hours I spent on this project but I am very pleased with the result and I think grownups and kids alike will have a lot of fun with it at the party!

Oops! I see the blue Lego man is missing a black line across the top of his shoes. Will fix. And I’ll add more photos after the event.

Note: If you look carefully at the bottom of the photo, you’ll see that the cutout has a heavy cardboard crosspiece on each end to make it stand upright. I painted the crosspieces sky blue and grass green to blend with the rest of the picture. It’s pretty darn sturdy.




5 responses to “Lego Party: Your Face Here!

  1. You are soooo clever!! :-)

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