Lego Party: The Invitations

When I was a kid and it was birthday time, you went to the stationery store and bought a pad of party invites. You filled in the blank lines by hand, folded the sheets in half and delivered them at school the next day.

Most of the kids’ parties we go to these days are set up using Evite. It’s easy and free but oh so lacking in charm or creativity. And as a mom, if I can’t have fun planning a crazy, way-out-there birthday party, well, I’m just not having fun. I know — freak.

This is the first in a series of posts I’m going to do on the Lego party we’re having for Tau’s fifth birthday. The Internet is full of Lego party ideas and I thought it would be fun to add my two pennies, and also point to some of the great resources I’ve found.

The invites were all my own idea. For the party, we’ve hired a local lady who comes to the venue with tubs and tubs of Lego and a 12-foot race track. The kids get to build their own vehicles and then race them on the track!

So I wanted the invites to work with this theme. I found an image I liked and cracked open my very rusty Photoshop skills. I designed the invites as a 4×6 double-sided postcard, printed two to a sheet, and had them printed on cardstock at our local Office Depot. Hooray for Office Depot!

Note: Grey areas are personal info that I’ve blocked out

A few other notes. I downloaded the Lego font from and used the official Lego RGB colors for their Bright Yellow, Bright Red and Bright Blue. I had lots of fun doing these and was very pleased with how they turned out.

I then got an email from Shutterfly offering me 10 free 5×7 greeting cards, and the small wheels in my head (or should that be the wheels in my small head) started turning. Who am I to pass up FREE?! So I started wondering how I could use that offer to print up some themed thank-you cards for after the party.

Eureka! I came up with a design that stacked two 3 1/2 x 5 cards on a single 5×7, looking something like this:

Now all I need do is cut down the middle and we have 20 customized Lego thank-you cards for around the $5 I paid for shipping and handling. Way cheaper than anything you can buy in the stores! They arrived today and look great!

I also wanted to share some of the other cute Lego invites I’ve seen on the Web:

6 responses to “Lego Party: The Invitations

  1. Thank you for sharing all your ideas and links to others. I just decided last week to do a Lego Party for my 5 yr old next month. Saw your Lego cutout on Skip to my Lou. So cute. See my friend’s post for a Lego party where she had a mold to make lego shaped crayons, candy and soap.

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  3. I lovee your invitations and decorations! We’ll be using some of your ideas for my 3 sons upcoming Lego party.I know you posted this almost a year ago but I have a quick question. I found the Lego font. But I don’t know how to download it and make it type with all the letters. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Leah – it’s tricky! If you are not a adept at using PhotoShop, I’d suggest asking a friend who is to help you. It involves typing with the Lego font on a transparent background, converting the text you’ve typed into an object, then selecting the object and adding a yellow outline, and then placing it all on a red background. Hope this helps. I should do a tutorial on it but don’t have time fight now :-) Thanks, Sue

  4. Any chance you’d be willing to share you THANK YOU note file!!! My son’s 6th birthday is on Valentine’s Day and I’m trying to get things in order!

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