The Penny Almost Dropping

On the way to school, Tau and I stop at the traffic lights at the top of our road. Beside us, is the Spa 4 Paws van owned by a woman who lives just up the road.

“Do you know what that van does, Tau?” And I launch into an explanation about how people pay money and the lady goes to their homes and washes their dogs in a special bathtub in the back of the van, and then she clips the dogs’ hair and dries it with a hairdryer and makes them look good.

“And then she gives the people money back,” says he, matter of factly.

“Yes, they pay her and she gives them change.”

Silence. Deep in thought.

“And it depends on if it’s a big dog or a small dog how much money she gives them back.”

I’m impressed. “Absolutely!”

“Because if it’s a big dog, she gives you big change, and if it’s a small dog … then you only get a small bit of change.”

Hmn. Not so much. I tried to explain the concept of a big dog costing more to groom and a little dog costing less and so you’d get more change but I’d already lost him. In fact, trying to explain it, I just about confused myself.

He then launched into a monologue about getting a pet when he was five. A small one like a hamster. Because it’s fun to watch one run around in its cage. Only sometimes hamsters pee on your hand and then you have to wash with soap and water.


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