Star Wars Days at Legoland

Tau and I spent a fantastic day at Legoland last week, a day marked by a number of firsts:

  • First visit to Legoland, which he has been asking about for years now.
  • Tau’s first-ever roller-coaster ride, on the Coastersaurus (and a very patient 45 min. wait in line for it, I might add).
  • First sighting of real, live stormtroopers, weapons and all. Mom, it’s just a person dressed in a costume. Well, if that’s true, how come you refuse to stand next to one to let me get a picture, huh?


Yup. The reason we finally forked over the bucks to visit the land of little plastic bricks is that they were holding their Star Wars Days, and life for us right now is all about Lego Star Wars.

So there were stormstroopers (or are they snowtroopers or clonetroopers?) and Jedi knights, and droids of every conceivable shape and size, and a large Lego Darth Vader that small kids were gingerly circling and refusing to stand beside.

There was also a display of Star Wars models from local San Diego Lego aficionados, which Tau loved — some very advanced models on display, along with a model of Stitch (as in Lilo and Stitch) dressed up as Master Yoda, and Tau’s much-beloved AT-AT Walkers.

Apart from all of the Star Wars paraphernalia, Tau just loved being at the park. The animals made out of Lego, the build-your-own vehicle workshops, the fantastic Soak and Sail pirate ship.

He loved riding the Coastersaurus, “driving” Mom around in a jeep and seeing wild animals on the Safari Trek ride, and going up higher than he’s ever been under his own arm power.

We ended the day with an almost obligatory Lego purchase and a very tired little boy crashing a mile or two from home! Good times and we will definitely be visiting again!


2 responses to “Star Wars Days at Legoland

  1. LOL, this last shot in the video, the lego storm trooper a la American Beauty just cracked me up!

    Sounds like a fun place, I am thinking about returning to Disney this winter (in Japan), but I fear that we are at the crucial age that many fun rides have a height requirement and that Julius was get upset when he can’t go …

  2. At Legoland, most of the small-kid rides have a 40″ restriction … lucky Tau is 41″ tall! The Legoland website lists the height restrictions for each ride. Maybe the Disneyland site does too … so you could figure it out before you go?

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