Seven Years Old Again!

Remember the responsibility chart? Much to my surprise and delight, it’s still working. Tau gets up every morning, dresses himself, eats breakfast, brushes his teeth, puts on his shoes, gets into the car and buckles his car-seat straps.

Granted, he needs a bit of reminding here and there but the days of driving myself insane before eight o’ clock in the morning (the nagging, the pleading, the rapid elevation of blood pressure) are over — says she patting the nearest wooden surface.

This week’s treat was one of these little guys, which I snapped up soon as I saw him in the toy store.  I remember my brother Andy and I having them as kids and playing with them for hours! We were the most talented of illusionists I tell you.

Well the furry little guys are now marketed as Squirmles. Tau’s is bright orange and he christened him “Carrot” immediately. We’re looking forward to studying tricks on the Internet and then trying them out ourselves!



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