Thank You, WordPress!

WordPress, my blogging host, whipped the mat out under me today, removing my Cutline theme (responsible for the formatting and layout of the site) and replacing it with a new theme called Coraline.

Did I receive any notification of this? Not really. I vaguely remember seeing an email in my Inbox, announcing that WP was releasing Coraline but because I was happy with my current theme, I deleted it and so missed the one-line announcement that Coraline was replacing Cutline.

So they did the switcheroo and I lost most of my sidebar content. Poof! Gone!

Is this really a big deal? No. I don’t pay a penny for my WordPress blog, and beggars can’t be choosers.

I found out that my sidebar content is there, it’s just hidden from view. I just have to poof! it back into visibility again. From a first look at Coraline’s features and options, it does look to be a sleeker more versatile theme with a very similar look to Cutline.

I am a bit annoyed though — think it’s crummy customer service (gratis or paid) to make changes that affect clients without adequate notice.


One response to “Thank You, WordPress!

  1. Ditto.

    OK. Know any good hosting services? These WordPress guys are jokers. No way can I rely on them any more after this. The blog’s mission critical.

    Plus, I hate that new theme. It’s UGLY. These people have no taste. EVERY change they made to Cutline makes it inferior.

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