Organize Laundry Closet? Check!

One of my intentions this year was to clean out our outdoor laundry closet.

The good thing about having your laundry room outside is that it doesn’t take up space in the house and it’s only a few steps to the laundry line!

The bad thing about having your laundry outside is the dirt bunnies (larger and far worse than dust bunnies), the mouse poop (!), and the mess of cleaning rags, blowing bubbles, pool gear and jugs of detergent that pile up there:

So today I got in there with a duster, vacuum, soap and a scrubbing brush.

Also, some shelf paper I had lying around, a stack of white plastic totes I picked up at Target, and three small prints I’d framed in $1 frames covered in decorative paper.


These quickie collages don’t do it justice. Better pictures on Flickr.

It’s clean, sparkly and even a bit retro cool!

Case in point, the picture that now hangs over the washing machine!


2 responses to “Organize Laundry Closet? Check!

  1. I am LOST in admiration!!!!

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