Elodie the Elephant

It’s the end of July and I finally got around to doing a One Yard Wonders sew-along project as it was in the book. Well almost.

Let me introduce Elodie the Elephant. She was designed by Sarah Faix of Bit of Whimsy Dolls and is one of my favorite projects in the OYW book.

Elodie took me just an hour or so to whip up — most of which was spent trying to stuff that slender little trunk of hers. My one customization was adding a pink button on her tummy, because she will be a gift for a newborn baby girl and, well, adding a pink bellybutton seemed just right.

Things I learned sewing a baby elephant:

  • Elodie is the kind of project that makes you smile every step of the way. The stuffed arms and legs in a line waiting on the window sill; the smooth shape of her head and trunk, her neat little shoulder seams.
  • She is smaller than I expected — I’m thinking 8 to 9 inches tall seated? I mean I cut out the pieces, so should have known roughly how big she’d be before I started stitching, but the photo in the book and also the measurements on Sarah’s site, made me think she’d be bigger.
  • Stitching the pink-stripe chenille (a bit stretchy) to the no-give patterned cotton ears was a challenge I didn’t expect. The chenille stretched and slipped all over the place.
  • Stuffing that skinny trunk was a tad awkward because the trunk gets narrow and then flares a bit at the end. My pinkie finger was too fat to get the stuffing down and all of my turning tools were too thin. I eventually discovered that the back end of a pencil did the trick.
  • Gathering the back of the ears and stitching them on was easier than I expected. I’d watched Sarah’s three-part tutorial on making Elodie and thought slip-stitching the ears on tight might leave messy stitches but it doesn’t. They gathered easily and were stitched on firmly and neatly before I knew it.  Thanks to Sarah for providing the tutorial series — they really are great! See Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.
  • If I’d designed Elodie, I probably would have made the arms and legs a bit more substantial, so that they were in proportion to the rest of her body. But that’s just freaky me — her little arms and legs are so cute, and definitely add a bit of whimsy.


Can’t see it above but she has a sweet little pink mouth, stitched the same color as her buttons.

Also, those ears are so soft I might need to make an Elodie in chenille fabric only.

Oh, and did I mention, she’s an African girl at heart? She spent Sunday morning soaking up the sunshine on our San Diego patio! 



One response to “Elodie the Elephant

  1. In LOVE. If I didn’t know that was going to a sweet baby girl, I’d be begging for her. LOVE the terrycloth towel ears. So very very sweet!

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