Taking “No Fear” to a Slightly Safer Level



Some parents struggle to get their kids in the water. They plead, they cajole, they buy their kids super-cute Sponge Bob swim goggles. We are not those parents.

Instead, we are the parents yelling at our kid not jump in the deep end of the pool at, oh, maybe eighteen months old? Because — newsflash! — you don’t know how to swim yet kiddo!

And perhaps we should have put him in baby-swim lessons, you know, the kind where the website shows little cherubs smiling underwater, air bubbling up out of their cute little noses. Yeah … we’re not those kind of parents either.

Finally, last summer, we enrolled Tau in swim lessons at our community pool. He loved the lessons and was almost swimming by the end of summer, except that he was tired after a day at preschool and therefore spinny and downright incapable of listening to the instructor. And to be honest the instructors just didn’t seem that into teaching six three-year-olds how to float and blow bubbles in 90-plus degree summer heat.

This year we bit the bullet and started him at Floaties, a more pricey swim school but, boy, what a difference. He loves his teacher, Coach Josh, who is absolutely dialed in to each of his three kids per lesson, and manages them extremely well with a balance of firmness and humor.

Within two half-hour lessons, Tau was swimming, head in the water and with big “polar bear” arms, on his own. And the very next lesson Josh had him doing “safety circles” — fall in the pool, swim a half-circle back round to the edge and hang on. Last night, they were doing safety circles again. In the deep end of the pool this time.

So we’re trusting he’ll be able to swim confidently on his own by the end of the summer, and that visits to our local pool will be a little less scary! More swim pics on Flickr.



2 responses to “Taking “No Fear” to a Slightly Safer Level

  1. This is a great photo!

  2. I will sleep easier too!!! That one has no fear whatsoever when it comes to water!!!
    Well done Boyo!!!

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