Reason # 381: Why I Love the Internet – A Perfect Skirt all the Way from the Netherlands!

Waaaay back in April, I entered a giveaway with this lovely skirt as the prize. Imagine how thrilled I was to win!

Thongbai Tatong lives in the Netherlands where sells her beautiful wares* worldwide on Etsy, one of my favorite sites for inspiration and handmade gifts.

Well, it’s taken a few months and some lovely hot weather for me finally to venture out in my very cute knee-length skirt. Not only is it the most beautiful and comfortable skirt I’ve ever owned but — BIG added bonus — Thongbai made it exactly to my personal measurements. Such a treat!

Thongbai’s skirts are made of a very high-quality cotton knit and beautifully finished. They can sit as high or low as you want them to on your waistline — simply pull them up or down, and wonder of all wonders, they double as a super-cute flow-y tube top if you pull them way up.

I wore my skirt to work today and got tons of compliments. Thanks to Andrea for taking the lovely pictures!



*Thongbai is away on vacation at the moment but should be back soon, so check back to see her store in a week or two.



3 responses to “Reason # 381: Why I Love the Internet – A Perfect Skirt all the Way from the Netherlands!

  1. STUNNING. Looks good on you , girl.

  2. I think you should win more cute skirts so I can take more photos of you! That was fun!

  3. Hi Sue,

    Thank you so much for such a wonderful post with stunning photos of you and the skirt. It is so kind of you to write all the lovely words about my shop and design. Thanks, Sue ++++.

    I came back from the Czech Republic yesterday. And today I posted your pictures on my blog. Thank you again for your permission;)

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