Big Week

  1. Tau started Kindergarten this week, which barely registered a blip on his radar. We’re keeping him at the preschool he’s been at the past two years because they have a private Kindergarten program with a great teacher, a very low student-to-teacher ratio, and fabulous sport and enrichment activities. So the only changes? Tau moved to a new classroom and no longer has to feign napping. Kindergartners are way too busy to nap.
  2. Also, we have a swimmer! The boy also started a new batch of swim lessons this week and — ta-raa! — by the end of his second lesson was swimming face down in the water, doing big arms, with no assistance. Swim teachers are superheros in my opinion. The combination of the fuller Kindergarten day and a late-afternoon swim lesson? One pooped kid. He’s lights-out before 8 p.m.
  3. Finally, the coloring exercise above might not seem like a big deal to you but let me explain. I can usually pick out Tau’s artwork pinned on the wall from across the classroom — because it’ll be the one with the absolute minimum of coloring and decoration. So all of that solid green you see? That is a LOT of coloring for this small boy — and might I point out the obvious, that’s its all mostly within the lines? Part of me is a little sad about that.



One response to “Big Week

  1. I see a HUGE improvement in his colouring-in ability (yes, that’s how we spell colour in South Africa).
    Maybe he has your artistic ability after all, Sue

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