The Bounty of the Internet

I keep telling myself that I’m going to start titling certain posts: “Reason No. xxx – Why I Love the Internet.”

Only, I’m not sure where to start after all this time. Reason No. 1? Reason No. 5982?

The Interwebs have been good to me over the years. I’ve won giveaways and contests; shared crafts, photos and valuable how-to’s; given and been granted much-needed support at times; and met some incredible and very talented, lovely people.

Case in point, this girl, Africankelli.

Sue and Africankelli

I don’t recall exactly when we met but I’m guessing it was around the time I hosted eLuckypacket, a now-defunct daily networking site for South-African women living away from home.

Kelli and I have a lot in common. We both love sewing, knitting and taking pictures; we both appreciate good food and wine; and we seem to have similar views on issues popular and political.

Kelli’s spent time doing aid work in Southern Africa and other parts of the globe, and whether she is living out of a backpack in Mozambique or whipping up a feast for friends at home in Arizona, I find her world familiar and rich, and I am grateful to the Internet for introducing us.

So when she was in San Diego for a wedding last week, I was thrilled to finally meet Kelli in person. We met briefly for breakfast, chatting as you do in a busy restaurant about this and that. Tau was with us and even though he was good as gold, working quietly at his Lego, talk is always stop-and-start when kids are around.

I found myself back at my computer a couple days later — I meant to ask you about your yoga studio, and your brother’s health, and what ever happened to the edible garden that your church planted last summer? The dialog continues.

I know another blogger who refers to the acquaintances that she makes on the Internet as her friends in the computer. And what makes me smile is how tactile and true the Internet can be. Writing a blog gives readers a very clear window into your world, so there are few surprises when you come to meet in person.

Things I knew about Kelli before seeing her: She’s as tall as I am, if not taller; she shoots with a Canon Rebel XT (a slightly older model than mine); and she has fine lines at the corner of her eyes, as I do, from smiling.

Things I learned? She likes Diet Coke and doesn’t care for bacon.

Kelli arrived for breakfast with a grocery bag of tomatoes for me from her garden. In return, I brought a little something I thought she might like, a hand-knitted coffee cozy and some mellow tunes for the long drive home.

And so, Internet, thank you. And let me pick a random number to begin:

Reason No. 379 — Why I Love the Internet: Meeting Africankelli and Cooking with Ripe Tomatoes!


One response to “The Bounty of the Internet

  1. oh, you crack me up. Now my bacon distaste is a secret no more!!
    Can’t wait until we can catch up again soon and I can spoil that sweet son of yours with toys.

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