Cloudy With a Chance of Dandruff?

Clouds sprinkling raindrops? Salt shakers dispensing salt? Or simply a bad case of family dandruff?

I’m gonna go with the cloud theory.

A looooo—insert mathematical symbol for eternity here—nnnnng time ago, I submitted a photo at UK artist Damien Weighill’s fabulous blog Your Face.

The idea is that you send Damien a photo of yourself and he creates a portrait from it, gratis, and based on his own interpretation, daily fancy and anything the picture might suggest. Damien emailed me the other day to say we were finally at the top of the list and that our portrait would be posted soon!

I was excited to see it and super thrilled with our cumulo-likenesses.

Browse his site a bit and you’ll see some don’t get off as light (and fluffy) as we did. You could end up with hair on your chest, ladies, or a bowl of fruit on your head, guys. The man is a visionary!

Love it! Thanks Damien! It was so worth the wait!


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