Making His Pacifist Mother Proud

When Tau and I visited the local Earth Day Festival recently, the only exhibit that really captured his imagination was the stall where a guy was selling handmade wooden guns.

Guns. At a be-kind-to-the-earth festival, which one would think would encompass being kind to animals and other human beings too. Apparently not.

In the interest of full disclosure, I should add that these were toy guns, made from scrap wood, and they were designed to shoot elastic bands. The guy had hung a coffee can in a miniature paper forest, and kids could try their hands at shooting the dangling can to win small prizes.

Tau was fascinated and went back three times. Didn’t care for the stickers they were giving out — he just wanted to shoot again. Insert observation here about boys being boys and wanting to shoot things up regardless of how many times they watch Bambi.

So a local reporter swings by the second time we’re at the stall and asks if I mind him taking Tau’s picture. Not at all I say, not thinking twice.

I still don’t know if it made it into the local rag but the picture (sans the word art) was on their website.

There you have it. My son, out in American cyberspace, making his mama proud.


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