Sew ‘n Sushi, and Saving the Earth

My crafty group came over Saturday for a couple hours of sewing and girl time. It was a gorgeous day, so we sat out in the sun and had a very lazy roll-your-own sushi lunch. That along with Renee’s fresh strawberry juice and soda just about did us in — I’m surprised we got back inside and accomplished anything at all.

And it being earth week and all, I decided to upcycle. Recently, I noticed three pairs of Dave’s old jeans folded neatly on the floor in the guest room — in a corner of the room (to be specific) that has become the “donate to AMVETS next time they call” corner. There was also this ever-so-cute t-shirt of Tau’s that he has, sadly (sigh!) outgrown.

Nasty old jeans + super cute tee =  outstandingly awesome kid’s messenger bag for Tau’s swim lesson stuff!

The pattern is from One Yard Wonders and I followed the instructions exactly except for the fact that I left off the velcro. The flap is floppy and long enough that you don’t really need a closure.

I thought I was very clever using the existing side seams of the jeans and a pocket as a decorative element. But lets just say that I learned a few things about the limitations of my machine — I ended up sewing part of one particularly thick seam BY HAND with a darning needle! — and that I will be investing in a walking foot. That said, I was very happy with how it turned out, and with the rough finishing and guerrilla stitching.

On Sunday, Tau and I walked down to the local Earth Day festival, he with the bag proudly slung across his chest. On our way back, overheated and tired, he confided, “Mom, we did a good fing to walk instead of drive the car. It’s good for the earf!”


2 responses to “Sew ‘n Sushi, and Saving the Earth

  1. You go Boy.. the earf needs all the help it can get.

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