Ten Rainy Day Things to Do in SLO

We’re back from our week on the California Central Coast!

The weather was mostly stormy and overcast, and Dave and I managed to take turns getting a cold, but apart from that, we had a wonderful, very restful time as the few arbitrary pictures that I took show.

Tau and I came up with a list of the top ten things we did on vacation — the list leans a tad towards the fun kid stuff we did, you understand …

  1. Saw How to Train Your Dragon at the Sunset Drive-in, just outside San Luis Obispo. We’d explained the concept of drive-ins to Tau but when we drove up and he saw the big screen, he broke out, “And you just DRIVE your car RIGHT IN THERE? THAT’S CRAZY!!” Oh, and the movie is super cute!
  2. Took the boy to a drumming workshop at the San Luis Obispo Kids’ Museum’s Into Africa Exhibit. Did our son make is African parents proud by drumming his little heart out? Mmn, no. He carefully avoided the drum session and spent over an hour instead playing with a get-the-balls-through-the-maze toy, proving yet again that he is surely headed for a career in structural engineering. But I did get to show him pictures of the Durban beachfront and he wondered out loud who that big man was in the picture of the Nelson Mandela statue.
  3. Went bowling for the first time as a family at Pismo Bowl, an eight-lane alley with retro decor, highly dicey automatic scoring (Dave and I scored straight strikes for the last three or four rounds), and even dicier looking rental shoes (but then aren’t all bowling alley shoes icky?). The smallest ball they had weighed seven lbs, so Tau had to take up an unorthodox bowling stance. And with bowling comes froyo of course!
  4. Chilled out on the stormy days by knitting a baby ball for a friend, building exciting new Lego, and generally vegging out in front of TV.
  5. The storm also afforded us beautiful rainbows! Double rainbows!
  6. A walk after the rains in the neighborhood we were staying in to visit the horses two doors down. The wet brought out lots of snails (fun to poke gently and watch them retract into their shells!) and the beauty of succulents and flowers.
  7. A fair bit of wine tasting and rock climbing. The two are not mutually exclusive. Tau managed to scale the decorative stone wall at a high-brow winery. Walking down main street San Luis Obispo on the third day, Tau spotted a sign with grapes and WINE TASTING written on it hanging from a storefront. “Dad. No more wine tasting. Please!”
  8. Delicious lunches and dinners at the Natural Cafe in downtown SLO. Yummy healthy organic food and lots of it!
  9. Making the most of the wonderful steam shower and mega tub where we were staying. Bath crayons and glow sticks in the tub made for a very clean little boy and the funnest bath times ever.
  10. Oh — and don’t forget kisses. Lots of kisses.

2 responses to “Ten Rainy Day Things to Do in SLO

  1. Sigh!!!!
    Sounds wonderful.

  2. Oh, these photos are just so very good! And I love the list!! Tau is going to look back at this blog one day and see the love. It is very special to record your family’s adventures in this way!

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