Come Away With Me

We’re away on the California Central Coast for a few days and today is the first sunny day we’ve had. The rain and cloudy skies forced us to relax, read, build Lego and rest. It’s all good.

After a juicy bike ride this morning, Dave took Tau off to a park to work out the wiggles. Which gave me this beautiful, airy cottage to myself for an hour or so. The warm wood floors, gentle music, my yoga mat and a cup of tea.

Deep in a long and steady uttanasana, I felt that deep appreciation. Norah Jones and Come Away With Me playing on Pandora, and this song drew me back to my friend Kira — it always does — who passed away at 36 from a weak heart a few years back, leaving  behind her six-year-old son.

Come Away With Me was Kira’s favorite song and it leaves me with a bitter sweetness every time I hear it. Sad to have lost her, but so grateful for every moment I have. Appreciative of every moment I have on earth, holding the sweetness of every forward fold, never taking for granted the breath I have.


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