Soon He’ll be Blogging

“Tau GET out of THE BATH!”

He considers this.

“Mom, I’m BUSY writing an email right now …”

Which is what I tell him when I’m busy on the computer and can’t attend to him right that second.

Related story …

At a kindergarten orientation recently, the teacher made a proud point of telling us, “We like for each of the children to get at least 15 mins of supervised computer time a week … you know, educational letter recognition, counting games and such …”

Neither Dave nor I had the heart to tell him that Tau can Google his own video games. He gets a DVD from the livingroom and copies the letters off the cover.

He can also boot the computer > launch the internet > find Netflix > click on the Watch Instantly tab > select the Children and Families category from a drop-down menu > and scroll across the Age 5-7 row to launch the movie he wants to watch.

I was in my early 20s before I touched a computer.


2 responses to “Soon He’ll be Blogging

  1. That is too funny – 15 minutes… I remember when Greg’s grade 4 teacher told me that some of the kids in his class had no idea how to work a calculator. I mean, what else do you give your kids when in a restuarant and you want a bit of peace?!!

  2. Humph…I was over 40!

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