One Word and a Handful of Intentions

Swami's Sunset, Encinitas, CA (Copyright Sue Walsh)

Andrea Sher at Superhero Journal posted today about selecting a single word to live by for the year. So much easier than trying to stick to a list of resolutions!

For me that word would be


Towards the end of 2009, I became so aware of all I have in my life, and I plan to spend this year appreciating it all!

Fabulous husband, kid, job, place to live … bountiful health, happiness, opportunity … you name it! I’m not taking any of it for granted.

And then, related to concept of goals, resolutions, intentions …

I don’t know of many people who manage to stick to a list of New Year’s resolutions. And my experience is that, as you get older, eating better and exercising consistently become a necessity for health anyway. No use making a resolution to lose 10 pounds or go to the gym three times a week. You have to do that regardless … to have the energy to function!

So all that goes without saying and how well we do it has little to do with resolution or even intention.

Instead, I thought I’d make a simple list of five random but very concrete things I’d like to achieve in 2010. Stuff I can actually achieve.

Here goes!

  1. Organize the kitchen and laundry closets better, throwing out unused gadgets and optimizing space.
  2. Craft strategically, making useful, beautiful things as gifts. Won’t be making all of our gifts — but those that I do, I want them to be perfect.
  3. Take a two-day silent meditation getaway. Alone. Somewhere where I don’t have to talk and I have time to read, sleep and do yoga.
  4. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! Wear jewelery and scarves more, and dress with a bit more attitude.
  5. Have lunch once a month alone with Dave. Preferably at the beach.

The list could go on and on but I thought it would be fun to jot down just FIVE and then check in at the end of the year to see how I’ve done. Ready, set, on my way!


4 responses to “One Word and a Handful of Intentions

  1. Can I steal your word this year? I like it :)

  2. I like it!!! You go Girl!

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