Been Away … Enjoying!

Dear Internet,

Long time no talk, huh? Months to be exact.

I took an unexpected leave of absence this year from nobaddays. Not unexpected in a catastrophic kind of way — nothing bad happened that prevented me from being here.

Instead, the summer kind of just got away with me. After coming back from Dave’s month-long sabbatical, we had a lazy couple of summer months, followed by a visit from Dave’s mom and dad, and then a 2 1/2 month visit from my mom and Tau’s 4th birthday. And then it was Halloween and then Thanksgiving and now Christmas.

Not that I’m blaming family visits or the holidays for not blogging. I just had no impetus to sit down and write anything here.

Instead, I’ve been reading and crafting and enjoying just being home in my space. I’m working more with my hands again — sewing, making greeting cards and crafting handmade pendants as gifts. And I took a photography course that forced me to get off the auto settings on my DSLR.

Tau is at an enchanting age — FOUR is smart and articulate and affectionate and fun. Dave and I are having a wonderful time just hanging out with FOUR.

I guess these days I just feel the need to cocoon, appreciate and create something new, and it’s been very satisfying and a lot of fun.

In the past week or two, I’ve felt the urge to pick up the blog again, so I’m back. But I think nobaddays will change some.

Expect to see more of my creations here—maybe even a couple sewing and craft tutorials. You’ll definitely see more photography, and possibly more musing. Life is very full and satisfying for me at the moment. And you’ll find all of that here.

– Sue


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