Honey, I’m Home!


A final wrap-up on our trip — the last Thursday, we left Santa Cruz for Buellton just north of Santa Barbara. One rough night’s sleep there was enough to prompt us to just keep driving South and home the following day.

Tau was so happy to be home that every single toy he has was dragged out onto the patio or into the living room and briefly played with before he retreated to his bedroom to find others. On his way to bed that night, he pauses briefly and says to me, “Dad, the living room is a MESS!”

That weekend we caught up on chores, resumed our normal weekend activities like a trip to the library, and celebrated Father’s Day by sporting our handmade-by-Tau-and-Sue tie-dyed shirts. Monday was back to normal for both Tau and Sue — I still had another week off on my sabbatical. The time away was wonderfully relaxing for all of us. My wine fridge is fully stocked with some incredible wines made by interesting and talented people.

A collection of the four sets of pictures from our trip is up on Flickr.

One last note. My wife has now completed her 200 Situp Challenge. When she started this over 6 weeks ago, she could only manage 26 situps. Last week she able to crunch out 210! Next time you see her in person or on the Web, tell her she looks hot!


2 responses to “Honey, I’m Home!

  1. she does look hot! does that mean she’s going start wearing string bikinis to fletcher cove?;)

  2. I don’t think I can do two situps…you go, Girl!
    How about a pic of the new you?

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