All of the Above

Card box

Craft night is all about:

  1. Drinking red wine, and eating olive bread spread with brie.
  2. A bunch of girls who clearly don’t get out the house enough chit-chatting more than working on their craft projects!
  3. Working with your hands — gasp! — and proving that the right side of your brain is not missing-in-action as assumed.

The answer is all of the above. I recently joined a group of paper crafters who meet monthly to work on projects.

To begin, we are working on greeting cards we can use throughout the year, and so last night we thought it would be a good idea to make boxes to keep our cards in. Since most of my cards will be for extended famdamily, I thought it would be nice to decorate mine with small black-and-whites of the rellies.

And in an effort to talk about something other than the fact that I don’t always listen to everything my son has to say, I thought I’d post my projects on the blog every now and then.

I was really pleased with the way my card box turned out and will be posting ongoing craft-night projects in this set on Flickr. Enjoy!


One response to “All of the Above

  1. I LOVE that pic of you, Tau & Dave on the top of your box…btw…nice box.

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