Uh … HELLO!?


I know I’ve been posting a lot of kid-versations recently but I am so amused by Tau’s sense of humor. (Yes, humor. He’s American, after all.)

Last night, I’m lying with him in the half-dark and he’s going off (OFF, I tell you) about where kangaroos live and whether some baby pigs can fly to Jupiter — just-pretend, Mommy! — and how do we go faster than the super jets and what do Orcas eat and drink in the sea and how can we go to (see) fireflies … et cetera, et cetera … and so forth.

And I’m so used to grunting in the right places or muttering, “they eat baby seals and drink water” for the Orca question that I start zoning out and going through my mental to-do list.

Next thing, a little hand waves frantically RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY EYES and he’s all, “Hello! Mommy, are you LISTENING to me?!”

Last time I get away with with that one.


One response to “Uh … HELLO!?

  1. …. and WERE you listening? Or just pretending?

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