Non Sequitur

Leaving the house today, we drive past our elderly neighbor, walking her grandson up the hill.

“Wave to Granny and Florim …”

“Why Granny and Florim are walking?”

“Granny and Florim are walking to the bus stop.” Then I remember that he doesn’t know what a bus stop is, so “because when you are a bigger kid, all the kids wait at a special place and  then the bus comes and gets you to take you to school … because right now I take you to school but when you get bigger, you will walk to the special bus stop and the bus will take you to school. All the big kids get to go on the bus … ”

“An’ dey have lots of STEAM in dey WHEELS!”

Thanks for following along boy child.


One response to “Non Sequitur

  1. …also known as a conversational “Jumping Spider” in our family.

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