The Sugar Bugs


Dave and I have been told that after we eat ice cream we need to brush our teeth.

Why? Because ice cream has lots of sugar in it.

And so we have to brush our teeth to keep the sugar bugs away.

So said Mr. Baker, the dentist, who came to teach Tau’s class about oral hygiene.

Ja, well, no fine.


2 responses to “The Sugar Bugs

  1. The first of many “My teacher says…” that imply you are parents of little brain!!!
    Love it!!

  2. LOL That is funny! But those sugar bugs are alive and well–I should know because I harp on my two girls about brushing their teeth, but now I’m the one with a cavity!

    Thanks for stopping by the UV Skinz giveaway–you said we were using the same template so I thought I would check it out…Looks great! Hope to see you around the blogosphere!

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