What You Know So Well


When Dave and I were first married, we met a couple who had just celebrated their eighteenth wedding anniversary.

We asked them how that felt — being married that long — and their answer was, you guessed it, that it didn’t feel like they’d been married eighteen years.

Today is our eighteenth anniversary, and when I think of all we’ve been through in the years that have come and gone, it’s true. It doesn’t feel like eighteen years have passed.

The houses we’ve lived in, the groups of friends and the phases, our college years and the birth of our son.  We’ve both changed a lot; we’ve both stayed the same.

And I think that is the key — prizing what you know so well in each other, yet also championing what the other can become.

Happy anniversary, Dave!


Dipped strawberries

for dessert last night

by Sue and Tau


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